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Measure your well-being across 8 areas and
take charge of your life today



Get a 360° view of your overall well-being by measuring 8 critical areas that together ensure overall happiness and success.


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Get your personalised report instantly. Take control of factors causing stress and expert recommendations to help enhance your health, relationships.


Enhance your well-being
Happy Being, award winning well-being App, to help you with personalised and guided activities to relieve stress, improve positivity and achieve your goals in all the 8 areas.

This scientifically developed online assessment tool measures your stress and its impact on your body, mind and emotions across 8 well-being parameters. With this assessment you will discover areas that you are doing great and areas that you need to focus on. Also get our expert report personalised for you, on ways to response to these areas better and achieve a higher sense of well-being.