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Every student wishes to attain academic excellence. Not just achieving great marks in exams and having superior performance at school but also use their Intellect and skills to serve others. Academicians, psychologists and researchers identified a set of personal qualities, habits, attitudes common in highest achieving students and concluded on the top reasons why student struggle in academics.

Top reasons
Why Students Struggle to
Achieve academic excellence


Achieve academic success is first of its kind assessment that measures where you stand against each of the above parameters and provides personalised strategies to use your strengths, Intelligence to effectively learn better. It also identifies areas that need improvement and provides personalised recommendation plan to achieve academic excellence.

The assessment has 5 sections measuring your Multiple Intelligences, Study habits, Winning Attitudes, Concentration levels and Stress management skills.


Everyone is Intelligent in their own different ways. Even if one has the same kind of intelligence as another person, the way one uses their Intelligence will be unique to them and to their learning style.

Section 1 of this assessment helps you measure intelligence that are strongest to you and discover the learning strategies that best work to achieve academic excellence.


Successful students have good study skills and habits around them. They apply these skills and habits to all of their classes while doing homework or studying.

Measuring your study habits will help you understand your academic strengths and weaknesses. Section 2 of this assessment measures your study habits.


Lack of concentration in students leads to poor performance not only while in class but also in exams or study.

Section 3 of this assessment measures one’s level of concentration and provides personalised recommendations to overcome distractions and improve concentration.


There are few personal attitudes and qualities such as willpower, self-perception of ability, Grit and fixed mindset that can guarantee higher academic outcomes.

Section 4 of this assessment helps you measure where one stands across these attitudes and provides personalised recommendations to develop them


Everyone is prone to stress. But when it is not identified and managed well, it poses risks to your performance both at class and in exams. Additionally there are stress management skills and right eating habits that can act as protectors against stress. Measuring where you stand against each of the risks and protective factors to stress helps you cope better.

Section 5 measures 10 stress risks such as academic pressure, peer pressure, exam anxiety, expectation from others, time worry, self inflicted worry, worry about results, lack of stress management skills, despondency/feelings of helplessness, worry about grades, poor eating habits etc and provides personalised recommendations to cope with in the areas that need attention.

It is possible to achieve academic excellence when you can help yourself by knowing areas of improvements. Each of these tests at the end provides a set of personalised recommendations for you to take actions and achieve success.

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