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nSmiles helps reduce stress, boost resilience
and enhance overall well-being

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Effect of employee higher well-being on
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Employees well-being and engagement directly affects individual performance and organisational performance. Engaged employees are with high well-being , more attached to the organisation than those with lower well-being.

What if you could get clarity on your employee engagement and performance and the relationship of these dynamics to your customer outcomes and bottom line?

nSmiles 360° Stress and Wellbeing health assessment provides fast and accurate direction for management to inform and guide strategic planning. It measures whole-person health including physical, mental, social, work, financial, family and spiritual.

All this plus a measure of employee engagement that is equal to the best in the market.

Measure your well-being across 8 areas and
take charge of your life today

Family & Self well-being
Measure of pleasant and stimulating environment with family.

Mental well-being
Measure of coping with life and resilience.

Financial well-being
Relates to the level of satisfaction with current and future financial situation.

Community well-being
Measure of livability and equlity
in the place you live.


Physical well-being
Assess physical health and risk factors.

Social well-being
Relates to the level of supportive relationships and sense of belonging.

Career well-being
Relates to the level of personal satisfaction and enrichment from one’s work.

Spiritual well-being
Assess the sense of
purpose and meaning in life.

How it works

  • Delivered online for ease of use and convenience
  • Quick to complete and results are instantaneous
  • Employees receive a confidential and extensive personal health report with recommendations for improvement
  • Scoring is based on clinical evidence and nationally recognised measures
  • Benchmarking organisational report with recommendations is provided
  • A simple and cost effective way of beginning your organisation’s health journey

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