Enhance employee wellbeing and
the organisation's happiness Index

Identify potential problem areas to your employees wellbeing
plan better wellness Initiatives to achieve a healthier, happier and more productive workforce.


It is important for organisations to understand that workplace wellbeing does not rest upon one aspect such as physical or mental or career. Health, relationships, environment, finances, security and purpose at work all play a vital role in determining the wellbeing of an Individual. In order to improve wellbeing, a workplace needs to understand where there may be problems - and to understand the situation across each of the stated areas, rather than only understanding in one or two aspects.

Employees wellbeing and engagement directly affects individual's and organisational's performance. For every rupee that is spent on employee wellbeing, employers get to save Rs.132.33 as savings on absenteeism costs, and Rs. 6.62 as reduced health care costs. Engaged employees with higher wellbeing are more committed to the organisation than those with lower wellbeing.

Effect of employee higher well-being on your organisation

School students

Happier and
Healthier employee

School students
College students


School students
IT professional


School students
Health care staff

Healthcare cost

nSmiles 360° Wellbeing assessment is a holistic and comprehensive tool for determining wellbeing and happiness Index of organisations by measuring 8 key drivers ( Physical, Financial, Social, Family, Environment, Mental, Spiritual and Career ) of wellbeing within the workplace. It further provides Indication to employers in Identifying the key areas where well-being challenges may lie and where efforts should be prioritised to get the best ROI on every Rupee spent towards wellbeing and wellness initiatives for achieving happier and healthier workforce.

How it works

  • Delivered online for ease of use and convenience
  • Quick to complete and results are instantaneous
  • Employees receive a confidential and extensive personal health report with recommendations for improvement
  • Scoring is based on clinical evidence and nationally recognised measures
  • Benchmarking organisational report with recommendations is provided
  • A simple and cost effective way of beginning your organisation’s health journey

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