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nSmiles' career guidance tests helps discover your innate strengths, interests, competences and employability skills. Get your career guidance report to fast-track your career readiness.

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Science behind your high growth career

Finding your high growth career is easy. Our proven approach below has helped Lakhs of students and freshers discover their personal high growth career.

  1. Finding ones innate strengths & interests and mapping these to latest market opportunities.
  2. From these opportunities we pick top 3 high growth careers for you and present your current competencies & career readiness with respect to the same.
  3. A personalised plan to bridge the gap in these competencies faster by leveraging your learning styles.


Happy Career assessment report

RISE assessment report

  • Competency Profile Report
  • Top Competencies
  • Impact on Job/ Success
  • Domain Choices
  • Career Suggestions
  • Competency Vs Employability
  • Action plan to achieve success

How the report helps you build
high growth career

Ex: Student Raja, is a 2nd year engineering student in tier-II college. Now he has taken this assessment What are his key leanings: Top 3 career domains, core competency in green to red, green representing the strengths, red needing immediate attention and action plan to get academic and career success.

1. Engineering and technology

2. Programing, Networking and Cyber security

3. Coaching, Training and HR

Our unique approach

The Competency based Training and career development framework approach – Focuses on observable, specific behaviours and attitudes essential to achieve academic and career success

Key characteristics

  • Build on strengths – Asses Interests, Competencies and self-management skills to plan a career in the area of specialisation or alternate areas based on personal preferences.
  • Alignment with Industry – Map personal Interests to job families to encourage continuous skill and knowledge refinement for better employability opportunity
  • Learner focused - Understand the key competencies and self – management skills that actually support the achievement of top performance in academics and career development.
  • Targeted skills knowledge – Gain the skills and knowledge required to excel at a job role.

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