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nSmiles' career guidance tests helps discover your innate strengths, interests, competences and employability skills. Get your career guidance report to fast-track your career readiness by leveraging your multiple intelligence.

Science behind your high growth career

Finding your high growth career is easy. Our proven approach below has helped Lakhs of students and freshers discover their personal high growth career.

  1. Finding ones innate strengths & interests and mapping these to latest market opportunities.
  2. From these opportunities we pick top 3 high growth careers for you and present your current competencies & career readiness with respect to the same.
  3. A personalised plan to bridge the gap in these competencies faster by leveraging your learning styles.


Discover your innate strengths & interests based market opportunities

  • Explore your Innate strengths and interests mapped to top 3 career segments for you.
  • Get direction to specialise in areas that match your interest.
  • Add value to your resume and stand out from the crowd.

Measure your current competencies and career readiness in your high growth area

  • Measure your core competencies in the job sectors of your choice.
  • Build attractive cover letters with your competency profiler.
  • Identify career readiness and get visible with focused internships, training and development.

Fast track your career readiness

  • Get personalised action plan for academic, skill, knowledge and competency upgrade.
  • Discover strategies that motivates you for deep learning and retention of information.
  • Get your resume visible by demonstrating your competencies and employability skills.

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