Our mission is to make this world happier by helping teens & youth enhance skills for high growth careers and enhancing wellbeing of all.

As per W.H.O and U.N. studies, 1 in 4 are estimated to suffer from mental health issues. Growing un-employment, poor-quality jobs (less than 5% formally skilled) and poor stress related behaviours (46% work force stressed) are strong risk factors towards mental health. The global cost due to mental health conditions is estimated to be $6 Trillion by 2030.

In a world with alarmingly growing mental health conditions, taking care of your mental health becomes that much more important. In alignment to W.H.O. mental health action plan, we at nSmiles, strive to prevent mental health issues and promote wellbeing.

Our unique approach of self-assessments, self-care & graded support ensures happiness of all. This platform is powered by mobile and AI technology to make it personalised and easy to access.

nSmiles' passionate team for its high social impact and innovative products has won several awards and recognition including Global Startup Battle 2014 among participants across 137 countries, social impact award from Deshpande foundation and Tech in Asia 2016.

To Inspire ’n’ smiles in your family and at workplace, Begin with downloading Happy Being app.

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