Our mission is to help people manage stress & anxiety effectively, create loving relationships and career success by nurturing their mental wellness.

According to a national mental health survey conducted last year, a staggering 150 million Indians suffer from a mental illness. Only 30 million sought professional help. The numbers across the global too are equally alarming.

In a world with alarmingly growing mental health conditions, taking care of your mind becomes that much more important. At nSmiles, we aim to create awareness of the need to take care of the mind and provide practical tools to do so.

We combine insights from the latest research in Psychology and the best of technology to create mind wellness solutions that are evidence-based, affordable and easy-to-use. By this, we hope more people will take the time to care for their minds, helping create a healthier, happier society.

nSmiles' passionate team for its high social impact and innovative products has won several awards and recognition including Global Startup Battle 2014 among participants across 137 countries and at Tech in Asia 2016.

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