Achieve academic excellence,
career & Life success

Tailor-made SMART scientific assessments to measure student wellbeing, strengths and areas that need improvement with personalised recommendations to help succeed.


Achieve Academic Success

Achieve academic success is set of 5 assessments that measure study habits, attitudes and well-being to provide personalised recommendations for academic excellence and exam success.


Stream selection and career

As a student, "what is the career that would be perfect for me in the future and for it what kind of stream should I choose?"

This is a question most of the students struggle to answer almost at every stage of their life. We understand how taking a right decision can lead students to build a fruitful career and a wrong decision can lead to disappointment and frustration not only to students but also to teachers and family members, most of the times impacting the college grades and graduation outcomes.

The stream selector assessment has been specially designed by a set of psychologists, career counsellors and academicians to help students recognize their career interest areas and personality mapped to the latest trending job markets.


Student well-being

Well-being is at the core of student's growth, development and happiness. When a student's well-being is at threat, achieving academic excellence without seeking professional help is a herculean task not only for the student but also for parents and teachers. Every students does have some areas they may be struggling. The real problem arises when they fail to identify the early warning signs of increasing levels of distress.

Student well-being test will provide insights of the prevalence of 9 commonly faced student problems such as depression, anxiety, self-esteem problems, Interpersonal problems, risky behaviours, anger, hopelessness, feelings of trauma and suicide ideation behaviours. The rating ranges from low, moderate and high. Based on the severity of the rating, students are advised to seek professional help to enhance their well-being.

Takes 20 mins to complete the test.