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Build great study habits, social-emotional skills
and enhance your academic success

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Discover your high growth career
in futureskills technologies

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"Very highly informational. It provides a very in depth analysis. Enjoyed reading it
and trying to identify which areas need improvement."
- B.E PESIT college of engineering - Bangalore

"I have always been good at academics but speaking, socialising and making friends
don’t come naturally to me. Taking this assessment helped me understand the
root cause after counseling am trying to speak, communicate and accept people"
- M.Tech IIITB - Bangalore

"The program helped me choose right branch in my MBA and helped me understand
what does it takes for me to be confident during placement interviews."
- MBA Dayananda Sagar college of management – Bangalore

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Manage stress better

Enhance stress resilience, happiness and personal growth.

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Boost happiness and performance of your organisation

Evidence based solutions from our experts to enhance skills and wellbeing


About nSmiles


nSmiles' passionate team of experts in psychology, psychometry and deep tech have won several awards and recognition for its high social impact and innovative products. nSmiles’ was among winners of Global Startup Battle 2014 with participants across 137 countries, winner of innovative social impact award from Deshpande foundation 2015 and runners-up at Tech in Asia 2016.

nSmiles is on a mission to enhance mental health & wellbeing of students, employees and home makers to feel happier and perform to one's best potential.

Our evidence based self-assessment, self-care tools and graded support are powered by Mobile & AI technologies to ensure personalised care, available at the time of need and accessible for all.

Our approach and solutions are aligned to W.H.O. Sustainability Development Goals 2018 – 2030; SDG3 - Mental Health, cognitive function and Wellbeing & quality of life.

There are many instruments to measure different aspects of wellbeing using psychometry but none of the existing well-being instruments provides indicators of strengths positively contributing and habits to build and achieve personal growth.

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Our science backed unique approach has been well appreciated at TEDx talks, published in international journals and applied for patents.

In a world with alarmingly growing mental health conditions impacting wellbeing of 1 in 4 of us and happiness of almost every family, it is critical for each of us to promote and take proactive mental health care.

Join us in our mission to inspire ’n’ smiles in every family and at every workplace.

Twenty Minutes a day,
in the pursuit of happiness

Teju Nageswari
Founder & CEO


Be a Happiness Ambassador

Join us in helping students, employees and home makers boost stress resilience, wellbeing and performance to ones best potential. Be a happiness ambassador in your community, workplace or college and earn Rs 40,000 per month.


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